1. The Life Thread 11/17-11/24/23

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    Would love to know what you get.

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    Next week is box 3 of 6. Iíll post a pic when we pick it up on Wednesday.

    This was box #1. It was a good one.
    I wish some farmer here did this. My farm stand guy closed for the winter the end of October.
  2. The Life Thread 4/14-4/21/23

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    Tried Jersey Mikeís tonight - messy. Glad we ate our chicken cheesesteaks there or would have been soggy by time we got them home. 2 reg subs, drinks, and a cookie used up my $25 gift card

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    My favorite is their Italian sub. In fact I have been watching the calories so much that on Tuesday when my SIL drove me to my doc appt (couldn't drive ...
  3. Biloxi Time .

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    OH MY! Happy Birthday is right. Congrats Donna!
  4. My freeplay handpay from last trip video

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    Wow, nice! I don't know if I could play that game in high limit because I would be too upset when I pick "begin free spins" on the first pick like I usually do. But it paid nice for you! Congrats!
    that is why i do the fast chicken peck after 1 time of slow thoughful picking i chose that on the 1st spin i was pissed LOL so no fast and furious has been the best method for me
    That's what I do too on those games where I have to pick. No time to second guess ...