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Thread: KC $100k slot tourney??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyler View Post
    I didn't get anything in the mail, but Edith called me and told me about it. I have the $300 airfare. Can't go, too close to Vegas.
    Yeah I know it sucks it's like 2 weeks after my Vegas trip.
    She called me last week and also to let me know about it. We'll see how much of a smooth talker I can be to Amy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irisheyes View Post
    I received this invite too, with 3 nights and $200 mileage reimbursement.

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    A few weeks ago, I had received this invite and, then just a few days ago, Edith Herman called me to see if I was coming. Would love too, but am committed to other things right now.

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    Yeah same thing here sadly would have loved a quick weekend getaway

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