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Thread: New Screen Names vs Your Old Screen Name

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    Welcome to our new Joker Carol! @breezydays

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    Hi and welcome @breezydays! Am looking forward to your highlights of your Reno trip

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    Beachcats everywhere! I wondered why my fav posters were no longer posting and I was so happy to finally track everyone down on this forum. I do not post a lot but I so enjoy reading everyone else's. I have met some of you at the Coushatta M&G's and hope to meet many more of you in the future. What impresses me most is the laughter and huge smiles when slotters get together. Good luck to everyone.

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    Welcome @Beachcats glad you found us.

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    Welcome to Beachcats!! You need to try to make it to the M&G at Coushatta in November so we can all meet you!!

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    Welcome Karen! Hope you can make it in November...I know it's quite a drive from Florida.

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    Hi Karen, glad you found jwe. I too did not know where everybody was............Maybe you can make the M&G>>

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    Welcome Karen. Slowly but surely, everybody we like is showing up here.

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    Hi, @Beachcats ! I am happy to see you here. With the new forum we will just have to work on that not posting often! :smile: Glad to have you with us!

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    Welcome Beachcats!! :wave: Glad you are here!

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