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Thread: A Place for Our Quest to Good Health!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BorgataBabe View Post
    I need to start taking better care of my health and not just eating better. I need to schedule some doctors visits for a few things that have been bothering for awhile now. Getting older sucks and I am starting to feel it.

    I have been feeling some pressure in my left chest area sporadically for a few months now. I have also always been the type to say I'm always cold but lately it's just ridiculous. I'm not 90 and don't weigh 100 pounds, I'm a truly always freezing when everyone around says it is comfortable.

    So I think it is time I start to schedule some doctor's visits in this new year.

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    I started getting all of the test done (as per my GP's request) about 5 or 6 years ago. Once I found out all was good (except weight) I no longer worry about going. However I took longer to get back to my dentist. So this past year I was a good patient and got a number of dental items fixed with appts. already made for next year. BUT low and behold what do I get in the mail yesterday but my dentist is leaving (I think retiring). I don't really like the partner she had but I guess for now I will have to go to him. Why do they do that to us!!!!! They are supposed to stay young and work forever while we get old. sigh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by michelelovesvegas View Post
    Tahini is a sesame seed paste. Really good in dressings.
    Also makes hummus usually in addition to chickpeas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nhcris View Post
    Come and go from here as you wish! No rules But how nice would it be if all got just a little bit healthier in 2018?
    I'll drink to that! This will be a fun thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michelelovesvegas View Post
    I am in the same boat. Really need to get a check up. Haven't been to a doctor in 11 years! I know my blood pressure will read high just being in the room.
    Looks like we both need to a doctor, I go to the OB/GYN almost annually and the dentist 2x a year but haven't had a visit with my family doctor in forever!

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    If I wanted a time out, I would go back to kindergarten.

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    I like Soom Premium Tahini which I use for making hummus.

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