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Thread: Man Fire Food show

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    Man Fire Food show

    Man Fire Food - I love this show. Some of the best BBQ places/dishes from all over.

    It airs on the Cooking Channel.

    Just watched a show (while eating my 5 times a week dinner salad) of bbq pork filled tamales with red chili made with brisket. It looks so good.

    I am planning to go to Santa Fe/Albuquerque for Xmas to see a number of cousins and 2 remaining aunts and one uncle (all pushing or over ninety). One aunt makes home made tamales and other fixin's as a Xmas tradition, so I got that going for me!

    Hhh But after watching that show, its a long way off until Xmas...

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    Always see this but dont get cooking channel

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    Thanks for the heads up Will have to check it out.

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