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Thread: COVID Got Us

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    COVID Got Us

    Hi Jokers,

    I just wanted to let everyone know that Vernon and I both are recovering from Covid. We are both getting better slowly. This virus is no joke. We took the precautions that are suggested, wore our masks, used hand sanitizer and stayed out of large gatherings and still caught the virus. It hit hard and fast and the recovery is slow. Please protect yourselves and if you are exposed or feel sick, please get tested.

    We are fortunate in that I had plenty of supplies to get us through the quarantine time on hand and was able to have delivered what we ran out of. Keeping family away was harder on them than us I think. We are past the contagious stage now and working on getting our energy levels back up although we still are staying away from everyone and sanitizing everything we touch.

    For those of us that are a little older, I have gone back old school and keep a sink of bleach water and all dishes get washed and rinsed in bleach before going in the dishwasher. Countertops and door knobs also get a bleach wipe multiple times a day. Back when I was little, this was how mom did things when anyone got sick and we all survived, so I guess it must work

    Our symptoms have been relatively mild; fever, headaches, body aches, dry cough, serious fatigue and loss of appetite and changes in taste and smell. We took Tylenol to bring the fever down, EmergenC and have started taking Zinc. I also take apple cider vinegar gummies daily.

    One positive is that I've lost 10 pounds without trying.

    Take care of yourselves, my joker friends and if you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them.

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    So happy to hear you and Vernon are feeling better. How long ago did you start to feel the first symptom?

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    Glad you two are getting better.

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    Very glad you are on the mend. The scary part of this virus is that even though we take precautions we still get it and don't know where or when. Take it slow and easy to get back your strength.

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    Glad you guys are better our store manager in Missouri got it and is on the mend.

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    Glad you and Vernon are feeling better!

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    Same here. I got my notification from the Health Department that my COVID test was positive. I had low fever, cough and loss of smell. I never really felt that badly. I have to stay isolated five more days per the health department. I have no idea where I got it as I rarely go anywhere and always take precautions.

    Hope you and Vernon get better soon.

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    Hope you all are feeling better

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    Iím glad all of you are getting better. Covid is scary for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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    Oh my, glad to hear you are on the mend!

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